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Principal Message

Principal Message

The education system of Bangladesh is moving forward with unstoppable progress. In light of the new educational policy, Liberty International School is always striving and committed to developing the knowledge and creativity of the students through intensive care and practice with the hope of building the dream Sonar Bangla. Besides traditional teaching, the institution is committed to encouraging students to participate in life-oriented education, co-curricular activities, and various club activities.

Education is the first step to meet the challenges of the 21st century. No nation can prosper without a good education. Good citizens with honest, patriotic, and humanitarian values are created through education. It is not possible to develop patriotism, humanity, and moral values in people without education. There is no alternative to modern and technology-based quality education in making the country Smart Bangladesh.

We are expecting the sincere cooperation of all the teachers, students, guardians, and nobles in this dream journey of ours, embodying the spirit of the great liberation war, the vision of development, cultural development, progressive thinking, discipline, security, and uninterrupted peace. We want your valuable suggestions and cooperation along with constructive criticism for the overall improvement of this educational institution and for shaping future plans.

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