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Chairman Message

Chairman Message

A well-educated human resource is the main tool to be a nation in the world seat in the stream of knowledge and science. The progress and emancipation of a nation lie in education created by the combination of knowledge and power. Education is uncompromising and integral to humanity, peace, and development. There is no substitute for good education to make honest, fearless, loyal, and good people. This perception is constantly sanctified and filled with the rare essence of education. Liberty International School made its debut as a very high-quality educational institution in Dohar Upazila of Dhaka District in the year 2015, keeping the motto of ' Redefining education, and rebuilding the nation' in front of contemporary and modern education standards.

First, the institute started its journey by teaching pre-primary and primary in Bengali Medium and English versions. In the past eight years, the institution has been granted permission to teach as a secondary institution by the Dhaka Education Board due to its success in scholarship and SSC examination results. The institution is constantly working with the belief of making not only good students but also good people. Besides religious and moral values, the students of the institution have spread their light in co-educational programs up to the district and departmental levels. We are entering the ninth year in 2024 with a basket of so many successes.

In the creative development of human resources, the respected teaching staff of this educational institution are constantly working relentlessly with their vow of service with the aim of developing the students and the new generation in technical and modern education in view of the difficult reality. Our sole desire is to work hand in hand with you to make your child fit for success in all walks of life. With your support, the institution will become one of the best schools in the country, by the grace of the Almighty.

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Pourashabha road, South Joypara, Dohar, Dhaka, Bangladesh